Your knee joint is a precise instrument. It’s made up of many separate pieces. Side ligaments, inner- and outer meniscus, cruciate ligaments, shape and surface of the knee joint on the tibia and femur build the mechanical foundation of the knee joint. Fine nerve structures, which act as “electronic” control systems, are responsible that your intrinsically unstable knee self-manages the process to actively stabilize the surrounding muscles. This cooperation between all of the factors causes “biological calmness”. In the event that one of the pieces of the puzzle no longer functions as it should, there will be a disruption. The knee joint is sensitive. This reveals itself through swelling, instability and pain. The first step on the way to an individual solution for your knee problem is a personal, one-on-one conversation.

Are you experiencing the following symptoms?

  • Pain at night:
    Do you wake in the night due to knee pain (while lying still or when you roll over)?
  • Pain at the onset of walking:
    Do you experience pain with your first steps (in the morning or after extended sitting)?
  • Pain whilst standing: Does your knee begin to ache after extensive standing (e.g. in the kitchen, at a reception or in a museum)?
  • Pain when climbing stairs:
    Is it uncomfortable when ascending or descending stairs?
  • Pain during sports:
    Have you unconsciously reduced your sporting activities in recent years?
  • Pain when going for longer walks:
    Do you avoid extensive walking?

Further Questions

  • In the past few months, have you altered how you participate in your preferred activities?
  • Are you remaining active thanks only to pain medication?
  • Have you used medication, either tablet or injection form?
  • Does your knee react with periods of swelling?
  • Have you already had operations?
  • Do you feel that your quality of life is limited?
  • To what extent are you suffering?

The answers to these questions already provide us with a detailed picture of your situation. Tell us what the situation is regarding your quality of life and the intensity of your discomfort.