Your Stay

The operation is behind you. Now it is time to focus on the next goal. Here you will be supported by the medical team, the nursing staff and physiotherapy team at the clinic.

Short-term Goals

  • We will help you to quickly become independent in your daily life once again. On the day of the operation you will stand on your own feet, As soon as possible eat at the table. Movement in the earlier days is generally good for circulation, your breathing, and as a preventative measure against thrombosis, as well as for your general well-being.
  • You can lie in bed as you feel most comfortable. Work during the day and relaxation at night.
  • Pain at the beginning is, to a certain extent, normal. Do not hesitate to ask for additional pain medication should the basic prescription be inadequate.

Goals for the first few days

  • Treatment of swelling and pain (with pain medication, cold or quark compresses etc.)
  • Achieve good knee joint mobility. Full extension and approximately 90° flexion should be quite easily attainable.
  • Practice good walking stability with crutches. The crutches will most likely be used for between three and six weeks.
  • You will already learn to climb stairs in the first few days at the clinic.